Clean-up Campaign June 2020

June 8, 2020

Asco Motors kicked off their community initiative program on Saturday 6th June with a Clean-Up campaign

In line with the current restrictions, around 15 staff from Asco Motors participated in a clean-up campaign in Suva. And with health authorities raising awareness on the prevention of leptospirosis, typhoid and dengue, the cleaning up of old tyres, bottles, tins and general rubbish was an opportunity for the Asco Motors family to show support in ensuring a more healthy environment to the Suva community.

Starting at 8am on Saturday morning, the Asco Motors Suva’s clean-up campaign route was along Ratu Mara, Ratu Dovi Road and Nokonoko Road.

Asco Motors National Sales and Marketing Manager Linda Schramm says, “Clean up campaigns like this allows our teams to not only do something for the environment but also do something for our neighbors. Everyone enjoys driving and walking on clean and tidy streets and we get a lot of satisfaction in leaving the route cleaner than when we first arrived”.

However clean up campaigns will only have a long term success rate if everyone played a part by putting their rubbish in the bin and having pride in their surroundings.

“If everyone did their part and just put rubbish in the bins, this includes ATM receipts, bus ticket receipts, empty juice bottles, straws and wrappers, our surroundings would benefit in the best ways possible which in turn will benefit all of us,” Schramm added