Sponsorship for School Provisions for Needy Children – FENC

June 15, 2020

As of the 10th January, Asco Motors made a donation of $15,000 towards FENC under the Asco Foundation. Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji (FENC Fiji) is a voluntary, non-profit, cause-oriented organization that provides educational and related support to children of the poorest of poor families in Fiji.

Such support, in the form of scholarships covering fees and other education related necessary requirements (transport, food, school levies, text books, stationery, etc.) is made available at primary, secondary as well as tertiary levels.

FENC support to the Kids does not stop only at providing them the essentials of schooling in material form, they take on the over-arching responsibility of setting up learning centers where kids from the slum and squatter areas have a place they can go to do homework and receive academic tutoring from dedicated volunteers who take their time out to invest and teach these kids. FENC also carries out career and capacity building workshops, involving kids in projects with other NGO’s to do community work to expose them to community service.

The support provided though Asco Motors will go a long way in equipping needy children with compulsory educational material.